Employees Prank Doctor With Water Breaking Prank

Published January 11, 2018 500,519 Plays

Rumble / PranksWhen people are expecting a child, they find the whole thing so romantic and fairytale like They pick out the clothes, the color for the room, the furniture, toys, then names… it all can be very sweet. That is, until the moment of truth arrives.

The mom’s water breaks and it is time for the new member of the family to come out into the world. The moment can spark a full blown panic among people, and by people, we mean the dads. Moms have nine months to prepare physically and mentally for what lies ahead. But dads feel the rush of adrenaline when they understand that their life as they knew it thus far is over and they had absolutely no way to prepare for the tiny member of their family.

Reactions depend on the dad’s character. Some fall in shock, others panic and black out completely, mumbling world and tripping over their own feet. This doctor did what he knew best - he ran as far away from the <a href="https://rumble.com/v3438y-pregnant-woman-cries-over-favourite-chocolate.html" target="_blank">expecting mom</a> as possible. Only it wasn’t her due date yet.

The team at Comella Orthodontics in Rochester thought it would be funny to <a href="https://rumble.com/v44kml-dad-vs.-kid-prank-war.html" target="_blank">prank</a> Dr. Comella with Catrina's water breaking! He never looked back, he just ran!

“Oh no, her water!” the women can be heard shouting, while the doctor shot up from his chair and ran, holding his head in his hands. When he saw how everybody else was rolling around on the floor laughing, he stood where he was, asking: “Are you serious? That’s not even funny!” says the poor doctor, while the ladies were struggling to catch their breaths.

Was it funny? We’ll let you decide.


  • Beneluxsupercars, 1 year ago

    is that a doctor ?? and he is running off ??

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    • It is! And, Yes, he is running!!! (Dr. Comella is an Orthodontist, so he doesn't deliver babies!

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      • Beneluxsupercars, 1 year ago

        ohhhh ok thats why he is running :) great prank ! a friend of me his wife did the same prank and he fainted be hearing the splash hahahah to bad we had no camera on it.

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