This Family Took Prank Wars To A Whole Different Level

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Published: December 19, 2017

A video compilation has emerged featuring the extreme battle of pranks between witty father and his playful kids published on December 11, 2017 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It turns out parents are closeted jokesters, and they can come up with some pretty funny nonsense pranks to play on their kids. Take this playful father for example. For some reason, this dad just made jokes ten times funnier, because the kids are usually completely oblivious to his antics. Check out some of the best pranks featured in this prank war between father and his kids. The joke is on you!

This witty dad took parenting to a whole different level when he started playing monster jokes on them, and that is when the prank war began. What’s the point of being a parent if not to embarrass or torment your kids occasionally?

Kids also decided to play some jokes on dad and catch him unprepared. Of course, they have gone past the simple Knock-Knock joke and moved right into more advanced jokes, so their prank war took epic proportions. These kids have become the masters of pranking their dad and they enjoy every moment of it! Their pranks range from being evil to being nasty, but they always share a nice laugh with their dad and don’t take it too seriously.

That’s what pranking is all about, right? Laughing and having a great time! If you’re looking to play a joke on your kids or better yet on your parents, take a few lessons from this awesome family and use some of the pranks in their book. You are guaranteed to have unforgettable time and create memorable stories even when the joke is on you!

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