Siblings Having A Blast On The Treadmill Machine, Trying To Outrun The Track

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Published: January 11, 2018

A cute video has emerged of two children burning off some energy while exploring the treadmill. Footage shows the curious toddlers going on the machine in unison, having fun on the moving track.

Doctors assure that everyone needs regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Especially kids need to get at least one hour of exercise a day, from playing outdoors with friends, to running on the old boring treadmill.

Apparently these kids like running, but instead of running outdoors, they decided to give the good old-fashioned treadmill a try. However, some studies show that kids should not use treadmills unless supervised, because if things go wrong, it can result in serious injuries or even death.

Footage shows the two siblings having the time of their life, trying to outrun the moving track. They even use the wall and the handles to help their little feet to run faster and beat the machine! This fun activity is great for sibling bonding!

However, given it is heavy machinery, the treadmill isn’t necessarily designed for children. First, the moving belt on a treadmill can be especially dangerous to children’s hands because even though some treadmill frames are designed to conceal any gap between the track and the rest of the machine, still most home treadmills have an exposed space that’s large enough to trap little fingers.

In addition, children have been known to start a treadmill, speed it up, and fly off the track which can result in serious injuries. In 2009, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost his daughter in a treadmill cord accident. So, beware!

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