Four People On Treadmill Leads To Hilarious Fail

Published December 27, 2017 7,089 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsPeople that have enough willpower to regularly go to the gym every week or even every day are truly admirable. Finding that kind of motivation seems almost impossible for the rest of us. However, if we are being honest, we all cheat on our workouts every now and then!

These people deserve some credit for trying their best, even when they ultimately end up failing at their tasks! These four people fail especially in this "act" but don't worry, we're sure that they've learned a valuable lesson that it's better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. Well, right of the bat, there is no good that can come from this, we can tell you that much. Never the less, watch as these guys play with the power of electricity. How crazy is this?

All work and no play is not a concept that these people in this compilation are familiar with! These guys and gals are having a ton of fun pulling pranks, hijinks, and other shenanigans with their fellow workers and the results are hysterical! Just when you think you know what professionalism is, this video comes along to prove you wrong!

The unexpected happens as these four dudes attempt to cram onto a full speed treadmill . OUCH!