Man Turns Car Park Into Car Pond With His Forklift

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Published: January 9, 2018

Kids, this is why heavy machines should be left to the professionals! We don’t know what made this gentleman think he could operate a forklift, but we doubt he will be so confident after this rather devastating incident.

Operating a forklift may not require a specific licence, but such a heavy and powerful vehicle does require some know-how. From what we could gather from the clip, the man has everything but. But he wanted to open the couple of parking spaces which were blocked by a loaded pallet, so he grabbed that HGV and went for it. It looks easy enough. What could possibly go wrong?

Lucky for us, his companion thought it also a good idea to record his buddy operate the machine. At first he looks like he’s got a handle on things - the man maneuvers the forklift into position, grabs the pallet, picks it up and moves it aside. But things turn for the interesting when the time comes to turn the forklift around, along with its heavy load.

See, driving a forklift without a load on its forks is considerably different by itself; add a load and forklift operation becomes quite challenging. Doing so safely requires special skills that can only be acquired through training and practice. And this man apparently has none of both, because when backing up out of the parking spot, he slams the forklift into the full pond on site.

Water comes spewing out, flooding the parking lot in turn, Luckily, there are no living creatures inside, so the damage might only resort on the broken wall of the pond and the water that keeps pouring out.

From what we could learn, the man who broke the pond also happens to be its owner, Mr. Matthew Mayvers. It becomes obvious when he grabs his head with both hands at the sight of the damage he’s done. Oops!

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