Expert Forklift Operator Can Pick Up A Quarter With His Machine

StoryfulPublished: June 1, 20173,775 views
Published: June 1, 2017

The forklift is a powerful tool. While it has been proven to be great for lifting pallets stacked with heavy stuff, one might assume that it's not so great for something like picking up a tiny metal disk. If you did, you'd be in denial.

Another day at the ol' warehouse, another day of wacky hijinks. These dudes engaged in a bet to see if their colleague could scoop a quarter off the ground with his (surprisingly nimble) forklift.

While working at the JFK Center of the Performing Arts, Sean McNally captured this footage of his work mate Kurt picking up a quarter with the beam of his forklift. The talented driver simply puts the beam of the forklift carefully over the quarter and reverses, causing the coin to jump up onto the metal beam.

"My buddy Kurt picks up a quarter with a forklift," McNally wrote on the original video. Most impressive.

For proof, just watch the video where Kurt the forklift operator is able to flip the single quarter onto the forks of the lift with a brilliant strategy. If the lift was close enough to the ground to actually pick up the quarter, it would just push it forward forever. But using the forks to flip the quarter in the air works like a charm.

That is one talented forklift driver, finely in tune with his big ol’ machine.

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