Man Removes 20 Inches Of Snow Cover From His Trapped Vehicle

ViralVideoUKPublished: January 3, 2018149 views
Published: January 3, 2018

Record breaking amounts of snow fell in the city of Reykjavik, Iceland turning the city into a winter wonderland. Public transport is closed due to the hazardous travel and road conditions with more snow and ice to come.

Iceland's capital has been turned into a winter wonderland after the city's residents saw the biggest snowfall for 80 years. Namely, up to 51 cm of snow covered Reykjavík, which is the most snow to have ever fallen in the capital in February. It came close to topping the overall record of 55 cm that was recorded in January 1937.

Footage shot in Reykjavik, shows an amazing time-lapse video beautifully illustrating how deep the snow blanket is. Iceland has woken up to a layer of snow after the coldest night of the year and the landscapes are absolutely majestic.

The worst outcome that a car owner can be afraid of finding when unburying her car from beneath the snow is that her car has been destroyed. This man decided to film a time-lapse video of his tiresome effort to dig his cover out of the thick and deep snow cover.

Watch as the man struggles to remove the enormous amount of snow from his car, wrestling with the white, fluffy texture, using brooms and shovels to dig his car out. We wonder how he managed to find his car in the first place, because snow has made all overs look alike, covered in thick, high snow.

It is the time-lapse that makes this video so satisfying, but we bet this man wasn’t having a blast digging his car out of the thick snow. It is a tiresome job indeed, and it must have took him hours to retreat his vehicle!

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