Car With Iceberg On Its Roof Rolls Utah's Powder Mountain

Storyful Published January 15, 2017 205,308 Plays

Rumble When snow falls it can cause lots of problems. I mean really, tons of snow can fall out of nowhere, in the middle of the night and create huge piles of snow. You go to bed and when you wake up the next morning everything around you is covered in white. You go outside your home and as you approach your car, you notice that it’s all covered with snow.

The first thing that comes to your mind is to try and clean it. But, while trying to do that, you realize it’s not possible. Some of the snow over your car’s roof has frozen, so taking it off your vehicle would be an impossible mission. That’s when you decide that you are going to drive it the way it looks.

Obviously that’s what happened to this man. If you live in Powder Mountain, Utah, most probably you won’t be surprised at all. Judging by this video, this place lived up to its name.

A guy named Quinn Starr was on a trip to Powder Mountain near Salt Lake City, Utah, as he captured this video of what he dubbed the "ski jump" car. Man, this truck has an iceberg of its top! We bet everyone asks themselves how he has managed not to overthrow. Beside this "Flintstones’" vehicle, other vehicles were buried under the snow as well.

Really, seeing in person a snowy flintstones-like car is a chance that you get only once in a lifetime, so not taking a footage of it would’ve been such a shame. This guy did the right thing and gave us the opportunity to experience this funny "mountain Bigfoot".


  • Jenny, 2 years ago

    hahaha - if he's got rear wheel drive the snow should help give him some traction.

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  • cjstevens, 2 years ago

    Jenny, you're right about traction. I also wondered about imbalance and highly limited visibility.

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  • Semyprecious, 2 years ago

    Goin' home to make snow-cones.

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  • RGC, 2 years ago

    just hire a helicopter to fly low problem solved. LOL

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