Affectionate Dog Shows Owner How Much He Loves Her

6 years ago

Whoever says that animals can’t show affection are clearly in denial. Not only can animals show their owners come much they love them, they do it without hesitation and with excitement. It is because they know that they will get the love and appreciation they so want in their lives, just like the rest of us.

Cats show us their butts and they come purring whenever they sense us being stressed and upset. With dogs is a whole other 20. They whine and squeal and wag their tails and slobber all over us, because hey, the alpha is back! They also love to show us their bellies, demonstrating that they love us so much, they would reveal their soft side without hesitation. Just check out what this pupper does for his owner.

Morgan Mitchell’s dog is always at her feet, so naturally, when she addresses him he jumps at the opportunity to be showered with love. When she asks him “How much do you love mama?”, the dog throws himself on his back and thumps his tail on the ground, a clear sign that he is head over heels for her. But it is what he does the second time around that had us in stitches!

This affectionate border collie is madly in love with his owner and has the most adorable method of showing it. When his owner asks him how much he loves her, he runs into the other room and brings back a flower in his mouth and drops it beside her before showing her a big, lovable smile! Such a gentleman!

Bosley the Frenchie clearly tell his owner how he feels too, only his method is a bit more vocal. You have to hear it to believe it.

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