Tiny Puppy Clearly States How He Feels About His Owner

Published July 6, 2016 78,128 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all know that some birds can talk, right? Well, they can’t have long, meaningful conversations with humans about life and existence in general, but they do have this awesome ability to repeat words and phrases with incredible accuracy!

Surely you have heard of Einstein, the talking Texan parrot and his attempts to win his owner’s affection for Valentine’s day! He keeps repeating “I love you”, but there seems to be no reciprocation from his owner. He tries to offer her apologies, asking her to come closer and offering her a nut or some popcorn. Such a hardened romantic, that one!

Talking back is nothing new for Einstein, but we have yet to see a puppy say “I love you” to his owner! Listen as Bosley the French Bulldog puppy clearly says "I love you." How cute is that?!

It could just be a coincidence, but we love to think that yes, this French Bulldog puppy is a clever little individual and has managed to find out what “I love you” means and how to express it himself! It may just be the roaring of the car he is into, all strapped in the back seat and eagerly expecting to arrive at his destination.

Or maybe - just maybe - Bosley is so happy to be taken somewhere exciting, that he just can’t help but say how much he loves his owner!

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