Adorable Penguin Can't Hold Back Joy

rumblestaff Published January 2, 2018 58,670 Plays

Rumble An adorable video has emerged from the Edinburgh Zoo featuring an excited penguin flapping his happy feet around the enclosure. This is one ecstatic penguin that cannot hold back the joy!

Watch as this happy penguin gets overly excited and starts jumping for joy and entertaining the visitors with his adorable dance routine, flapping wings and moving them happy feet!

Footage shows the hilarious moment when a penguin starts hopping his happy feet around its enclosure and nearly bashes into the rest of the group. This clip, shot at the Edinburgh Zoo, shows the bouncy bird flapping around, weaving in and out of the other penguins as it goes from one end of the pen to the other. What a joyous soul!

His fellow penguins get annoyed with him as he almost thumps right into them during his crazy dance routine. Look at this bouncy bird go, flapping its wings and moving them happy feet around the zoo. He got caught up in the moment that he almost brushed into his fellow penguins that were clearly in his way. Watch how happy this guy is, weaving in and out of his comrades, flaunting his dance routine!

While most of the penguins in the group seemed to be having a relaxed time the apparent Happy Feet star was determined to put on a display. He is definitely at the centre of attention, hopping around cheerfully and having a great time!

Credit to 'Edinburgh Zoo'.