See The Magical Moment When A Soap Bubble Completely Freezes

NewsflarePublished: October 25, 20171,984 views
Published: October 25, 2017

If you blow soap bubbles in freezing cold weather, amazing crystals of ice form on their surface as the water is between two thin layers of soapy film, starting at the bottom and expanding upwards until the entire bubble is covered.

The period of winter is amazing because we see layers of fluffy white snow covering the ground under our feet that look like big marshmallows. This magical moment was filmed in January 2017 in Montana. The entire bubble freezes in 1:27 minutes after being exposed to frigid weather temperatures. It is pleasing to see the incredible progression of ice crystals forming and swirling around in the soap bubble as it freezes.

This breathtaking time lapse video of a soap bubble freezing amidst five-degree weather is something that will blow your mind and leave you wondering about the science of it.

Every bubble is made up of three individual layers: a thin layer of water molecules squished between two layers of soap. It might look like the entire surface of the bubble is freezing, but what you’re actually seeing is the innermost layer of water.

As ice crystals form in the bubble’s surface, something else forms along with them: cracks. This means that any air trapped inside the sphere suddenly has an escape route. As air molecules diffuse through the tiny cracks between ice crystals, the sudden drop in internal pressure causes the bubble to implode, crushed by the force of the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the frozen bubbles don’t last long, but it is worth to try and create one this winter!

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