Yoga Cat Knows How To Strike A Meditating Pose

SvalePublished: December 29, 2017Updated: January 2, 20182,400 views
Published: December 29, 2017Updated: January 2, 2018

If your cat could have a job, what do you think would it be? Not that any cat would work for real - they are like tyrants; would much rather lounge around and force people into bowing to their every whim.

But if cats could have jobs, the perfect job for them would either be a ninja or a spy, or maybe even a masseuse! Since cats are masters at the stealth attack, they’d make perfect ninjas or spies, but they’d make great masseuses cos they seem to have an innate skill in giving massages. Or, if the tom in this here clip is any indication, they would probably be best as yoga instructors!

This gorgeous orange tabby is spotted relaxing his tail off on his owner’s couch in Croatia. From what we could interpret from the conversation, his name is Mitzko and he is a pro at what he is doing right now!

Laying on his back like a human, Mitzko the cat looks like he is contemplating his place on this planet. Even with both his owners hovering over his head, the tom barely moves a muscle. Instead, the relaxation guru just lounges where he is at, squinting his eyes and taking deep, soothing breaths...Ohmmm….

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