Fed Explains Jeffrey Epstein's Client List w/ Ryan Dawson

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Ryan Dawson:

Did Epstein KILL HIMSELF?! Epstein's Federal Case Explained By a Former Special Agent! (PART I): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf-mywriSUc&t=11901s
Ghislaine Maxwell Sex Trafficking Case...Did the Feds FUMBLE? MISTRIAL?! (PART II Epstein Case):

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Join Castle Club For Exclusive Content HERE: castleclub.tv - https://freshandfit.locals.com/

Exclusive Content HERE: castleclub.tv - https://freshandfit.locals.com/

00:00 : show will start soon
01:26 : INTRO 📸
04:37 : Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? 🤔
09:41 : Difference between ADA’s and AUSA’s
15:40 : How were they able to charge him in New York even though his Island is in West Palm Beach?
18:05 : Conspiracy of Epstein’s self deletion
23:30 : What’s a proffer?
25:28 : Who’s Ghislaine Maxwell?
33:14 : StreamLabs and Rumble Chats 💰thank you
37:00 : MOVE OVER TO RUMBLE https://rumble.com/v45prbe-fed-explains-jeffrey-epsteins-client-list.html
38:00 : Live from Korea welcome Ryan Dawson
39:39 : Good question Ryan! 💯/ Prediction for his death
45:00 : They knew it was click bait when they mentioned various celebrities in the list.
49:00 : Why did they take this enormous risk?
54:20 : This isn’t a Jewish problem this is a Zionist problem
1:03:30 : Why did one girl retract her statements? 🧐
1:20:20 : All our institutions failed us
1:33:00 : Relationship between Peter Nygard and Epstein
1:36:10 : Let’s talk about the Clinton’s
1:43:50 : What’s Hilary’s role or connection in this?
1:44:45 : Let’s talk about Stephen Hawking 🧮
1:47:07 : Who else was involved in this horrible crime besides just going to the island? 🛎️
1:50:45 : Why didn’t they release 100’s of documents to the public?
2:00:00 : Where you can find Ryan Dawson
2:05:50 : Rumble rants and Locals chats💰
2:13:40 : Great quote from Ryan
2:15:48 : OUTRO thanks for watching

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