A List Of Twenty Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Published December 27, 2017 24 Views

Rumble We are all guilty of treating our dogs more like humans than animals. This includes giving in to their doe eyes with table scraps and other people food. However, recent doggy deaths are due to our food that canines can’t stomach. You're probably feeding your pooch some things that are really bad for them so proceed this list and take note!

Doctor Richard Goldstein of New York’s Medical Center gives a list of foods that your beloved pet should never eat. For starters, you might think that your canine might have to eat a lot of onions and chives, but actually they can cause anemia and upset their stomach.

In addition, salt and salty snack foods cause excessive thirst and urination. More serious cases can lead to vomiting, hyperthermia, depression, seizures and death.

Tomato plants, cause solanine toxicity which involves confusion, behavioral change, weakness and slow heart rate. The ingestion of potato leaves, stems, skin or green parts results in vomiting, anorexia, disorientation, seizures and cardiac arrhythmias.

The artificial sweetener found in many sugar-free products like peanut butter and chewing gum has side-effects on our canine companions like vomiting, stupor, seizures, coma and liver failure.

Apple seeds and cores can cause dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, shock and even death.
Even the smallest amount of citrus fruit can upset a dog’s stomach. Larger portions can cause stomach pain and depression of the central nervous system.

Large amounts of licorice can cause muscle and adrenal gland damage. Don’t add coconut oil to your dog’s diet because vets say it can cause stomach ache and diarrhea. Also, nuts are bad for your dog as they can cause weakness, depression, hyperthermia and pancreatitis.

Many of you already know that chocolate is bad for your dog as it can cause abnormal heart rhythm, seizures and death. Also, dark chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate!