Puppy Can't Handle First Ice Cube Experience

Published December 26, 2017 3,920 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCuriosity in young’uns is an admirable trait. It is good for learning, because whatever you learn, the things that stick come from experience. Parents let their kids touch and taste things in order to get to know them, because it is the way of learning. That is how we know that water will make you wet and the flame of the candle will burn you.

Same goes with baby animals. Their parents might not fuss to much, if at all, when their babies want to walk away, run somewhere crazy or try to climb (read: tumble) down the stairs. It is what we love most about baby animals. But what we especially love during our time with them at that fragile age is how they communicate with stuff they can’t understand. Like, for example, ice!

One three-month-old French Mastiff puppy named Conan had a hilarious first experience with an ice cube. He doesn't know whether to play with it or attack it! So the gorgeous puppy barks, whine and attacks the ice cube that is right in front of him, with those big, floppy ears waving about his head.

The piece of ice is cold, wet and every time Conan tries to catch it, it runs away! How dare you, ice cube! Conan looks at his owner, as if for an explanation, then continues to bark at the unsuspecting cube. With a powerful bark like that, we would have given in promptly!

There has been a lot of controversy some 7 years ago that giving ice water to your dog might cause it to bloat. Veterinarians have come out to dispute the fact, saying that ice is as dangerous as the material it is made of. However, if you dog has overheated due to exercise, it is always best to let it cool off naturally, before giving it any food or water, especially frozen!

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