This Driver Deserves A Medal For Terrible Parking Skills

ViralHog Published December 26, 2017 384 Plays $0.77 earned

Rumble A curious video occured on December 23, 2017 in Hull, UK when friends were sitting in an upstairs cafe and suddenly noticed a car driving to the end of the road which then turned around, and tried to park in the parking bay from a very wrong angle.

Of course, they immediately decided to capture this infamous driver on camera as they believe this is the worse driver they have ever seen. Obviously it is a female driver and she doesn’t even understand which way to turn the wheel. What a disaster!

There is a silent crime that no one is talking about, and that is terrible parking jobs. While most of us just quietly curse under our breath and move on, there are those for whom parking is a very sensitive subject, a code they do not want breached. They will not stand aside while a parking crime is being committed.

This side-splitting video of a woman trying to park her car is both a miracle and a testament of the worst parking job ever. Footage shows this woman not only making a bad maneuver and choosing a bad angle, but also scratching the car and leaving the crime scene.

A stunned onlooker decided to capture this inglorious female driver on camera as they believe this might be one of the worst ever parking attempts caught on camera.

The video footage captured from the scene cannot play the sound, but a piercing screech can most definitely be felt as the car tries to squeeze into the bay, getting so close to the nearby vehicle it is impossible to gain access to the car.

Moments later, we see the driver pull out of the parking bay and driving off as she couldn’t master the angular mathematics of how to fit into the perfectly wide place. This driver is a shame and her drivers’ license should be confiscated.