Driver Shows The Worst Way You Can Park Your Sedan

mattian562 Published August 31, 2017 3,360 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversThis is one of those confusion moments on whether or not the driver actually wants to leave their car in the parking spot or not. So, here is someone coming in on a supermarket parking and decides that its a good idea to take the first spot they see. Well, it doesn't work out the best for them to say the least.

As the driver pulls up he first misses the angle and then pulls up on the curb as he is pulling in. Then goes back and forth trying to get the angle right and the position according to some confused idea of the driver. Basically, he pulls in and out for a couple of minutes until finally giving up and re parking the car at a whole different spot.

Here we have a "lucky" guy with a camera that catches the entire act. This guy must have had a laugh while seeing this guy struggle for quite the while until he eventually decides to give up and park somewhere else.

So, while sitting in his car and waiting for some friends to show up, this guy managed to capture this epic parking fail on camera.

Have you ever seen such a bad parking job in your life?!


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    The stupid ass got a license?

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