Toddler Steals Sister’s Solo Dance Show Without Noticing

Published December 20, 2017 179,261 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the hilarious moment when a little girl steals her sister’s show by dancing in the background. The unsuspecting girl doesn’t even realize that she’s in the spotlight, so she continues flaunting her happy feet, much to our amusement. Adorable!

Nyelle wants to show off her solo dance routine for the camera, but her younger sister Nevaeh has other plans! Brace yourself for peak toddler cuteness. As the video shows, Nevaeh’s sister Nyelle wants to do a solo dance to Zay Hilfigerrr’s “Juju on That Beat (TZ Anthem).” There is never a dull moment with children.

From the very start of the video, Nevaeh tries to meddle in the solo dance and takes the floor all for herself. But her older sister, Nyelle just won’t have that. This is her performance and she wants to do it herself. No unwanted dancers, no obstructions. Only her and the dance floor. However, the little one may be diligent and unobtrusive but she still catches our attention with her cute little movements. Sitting on the stairs, she can’t close her eyes and ears to the music - she feels every whomp of the kick drum and every thump of the bass and follows the beats. At the same time, her older sister is also engulfed in the music which only makes confusion among those who watch the video because it is difficult to follow both of them.

Nyelle rocks her hips, moving them to the right and to the left, to the front and to the back with the flow of the music. Meanwhile, Nevaeh busts some killer moves, too. They are both natural and they dance with an incredible ease. They look like they were born with those moves and are so confident in what they do. The girls continue their dance to the last breath and their every movement is full of poetry. We guess dancing skills run in this family. Cuteness overload!

In another hilarious video, a 10-year-old boy steals his mom's show by making series of comic gestures in the background while she tries to perform a "cup song". In their home in Newport, Tennessee, USA, Cinna Hembree is practicing her singing skills as she performs an impressive rendition of Cups. Thinking she is all alone, she gives her best to make a video recording of her cup singing performance. She is surprised when her ten year old son sneaks in the room and goes for the fridge to have something to drink. She notices and rolls her eyes, but nonetheless continues with her show, not minding the boy in the back.

Whether you're a fan of hip-hop music or not, it is definitely something that makes your head bob, your feet tap, and of course, your hips move! Nothing like a little merengue to spread a little joy for a few minutes. You can only imagine how much fun these sisters are going to have in the near future.

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