"Toddler Girl Dancing In Diaper"

Published April 11, 2018 599 Plays

Rumble "We can all agree that toddlers are totally adorable no matter what they do. We just can’t get enough of those cute little humans! If you were looking for some funny toddler videos, search no more! The hero of this funny video is a toddler girl wearing a purple shirt and a diaper. And she is definitely pulling off that outfit like a boss! She’s down on all fours and she’s bouncing on her butt! How funny is she? She doesn’t need any dancing lessons, she’s a natural! Check out those dancing skills! You go, little one! How amazing is that? Even her parents can’t believe her performance! Absolutely unbelievable! I guess this little girl is due to a diaper change as soon as she’s done bouncing that diaper up and down. But for now, dance away like nobody’s watching! I don’t know about you, but this little girl is my new spirit animal!"