Guys Wife shows Complete Trust When He flies Drone Directly At Her

cdngreenwaterdiverPublished: December 19, 2017Updated: December 20, 2017
Published: December 19, 2017Updated: December 20, 2017

This is a short video of my very first ever flight of a drone. I have years of experience flying rc aircraft, and indoor blimps for a local WHL hockey team, but none on drones. I chose the Mavic Pro for a number of reasons, one of them not being a cheap price. It is a small compact size perfect for travel, my main intention. This will help me get some great footage for uploading videos to After watching some videos about setup, which took awhile, i also watched some on flight. After some rainy days, we here in Vancouver finally got a non rain day, but it was chilly and grey. Once prepped, take off was a snap, sticks back and inward ,props came alive, push the left stick forward and up she went. I have it set on beginner mode as i was not sure what to expect. Beginner mode will be off for next flight for sure. Hovering is incredibly easy, movement fore and aft is a piece of cake. This thing has a few modes to make it super simple to follow,circle etc a person but today i tested my skills doing a circle around myself manually, it wasnt too bad. The obstacle avoidance we tested too, no better way than to fly it straight at yourself was my thinking. As expected at around 5 feet from us the Mavic Pro angled back and halted, the test was successful ;-). If considering a drone, and want it portable for travel i would highly recommend the DJI MAVIC PRO .

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