Talented Pilot Shows Amazing Skills Attaching Two Sections Of A Pylon

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Published: December 18, 2017

An incredible footage has emerged showcasing the moment when one very talented pilot attached two sections of pylon together. Footage was filmed on November 18, 2017 in Manitoba, Canada and shows the amazing moment when a pilot presents his amazing aircraft skills, as he manages to detach the missing piece to a pylon and he passes with flying colors!

Watch as this hardworking crew completed a successful job with the flying chopper. The helicopter pilot does incredible job with attaching two sections of a pylon together. Whatever they’re paying this pilot, it isn't enough for his marvellous skills!

This helicopter pilot demonstrates incredible accuracy carrying a huge electricity pylon and lowering it onto its base, sending snow flying on the surface, as he approaches land. Moments later, we see the pilot join the two pieces of pylon together as if they were magnets!

It is an everyday battle to bring power to even the most remote places on Earth. In this case, it regards the frosty fields of Manitoba, Canada. Watching this helicopter pilot connect two pieces of pylon in an operation to bring new electricity lines to the remote landscape is indeed miraculous!

We see the helicopter approaching from a distance and its blades create a deafening humming sound that grows louder as the pilot manoeuvres the craft towards the pylon. This talented pilot seems to have strong control over the helicopter, as he performs the demanding task in no time.

There are three men in bright orange hazard suits helping the pilot complete his mission. Then, the helicopter begins to lower the section of pylon it is carrying on to an already installed base. As it reduces its altitude a vast cloud of snow rises up around the pylon and aircraft. Next, the pilot neatly drops the pylon on to the base and leaves us in awe! Talk about great helicopter handling skills!

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      BroncoBob · 48 weeks ago

      That pilot has skills beyond description! The way he/she managed to prevent that pylon from doing a "pendulum" in that windy condition, it's beyond me. I've observed many construction operations but nothing to compare to this. I'm impressed. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully short video. My compliments to the videographer as well.

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      Dejono · 47 weeks ago

      nice job!