Woman Creates A Perfect Impression Of Donald Trump's Face In Fresh Snow

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Published: December 15, 2017

When fresh snow falls, it is like all boundaries are lifted off people, both young and old. It is a time to get careless and do things you wouldn’t normally do, because, hey, when snow melts, all evidence is lost in the soil.

Everyone’s favorite thing to do on fresh snow are snow angels. Some are more successful in the endeavor. Successful or not, the whole process is really hilarious to at least watch, if not participate. But when snow fell in Woodstock, Georgia on December 8, a family went so nuts with the fresh powder, they made a whole new category of snow art by smashing their faces in the snow.

"We were enjoying our first fresh snow and were outside, and I said, 'that we should smash our faces in the snow.' Although no one wanted to do it, I said I would go first. That’s when we realized what an amazing face imprint it made. Obviously, everyone else wanted to join in." the woman filming said later.

While the two women compare each other’s face impressions in the snow, one of them says hers looking like an alien, but the braver one that keeps diving in the powder keeps laughing and we think it is pretty obvious why. Her impression in the snow looks like it could be Donald Trump’s Shroud of Turin!

The shine of the camera’s flash makes the impressions look like they could be 3D casting of the ladies. We should definitely try this next time we catch some fresh powder!

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