Salon In Taiwan Creates Trump 'Hair Tattoo'

StoryfulNews Published December 6, 2017 42 Plays

Rumble Even though we are nearing its end, it would seem that 2017 is the gift that keeps on giving, even when you really don't want it to. Here we have the perfect example.

A hair salon in Taiwan has created a Donald Trump “hair tattoo” for a client who is evidently a huge fan of the US president. Footage showing the process behind the bizarre but intricate cut, which began to gain online attention on December 6, was first posted on September 25 to the salon’s Facebook account.

The salon shared photos of a man who made the extremely questionable decision of having his haircut in the shape of Donald Trump's face. By the end of the session, the man had an image of the president’s face on the back of his head, probably placed there so that he might watch his back, complete with an orange comb-over, which was achieved by dyeing some of the client’s own hair.

It's not clear why anybody would do this to themselves. We're going to assume that he lost a bet and it was either this or face tattoos. We will not poke the sleeping lion here and ask for footage of someone who does in fact have the POTUS’ face tattooed in ink on his face. It is there forever!

Changhua-based XB Hair 沙龍ζ has also created hair designs featuring the Lion King, Guy Fawkes, the Mona Lisa, and many more.

Credit: Facebook/XB-Hair-沙龍ζ via Storyful