Two Monkeys Hitch A Ride To Town On The Back Of A Motorcycle

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Published: October 14, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017

It looks like these two monkeys have had enough walking for the day and decided to snatch a free ride to town. Their nonchalant behavior will warm your hearts!
This footage shows two adorable monkeys hitching their ride back to town on the back of a man's motorcycle. They are very playful and seem to be enjoying the ride.

The man is driving his motorbike down the street while two monkeys are playing on the back of his seat. The man is very calm and unalarmed by monkeys' game.
First they snuggle and kiss and then they chase each other around the man, who is still driving his bike with complete ease, not minding his cheeky friends on the back.

How adorable is to see these two monkeys act like children in the back of the car, while they are constantly hanging onto man's shirt, gripping it around with their tiny fingers.
These fellows are intact by the surrounding, they are not afraid of driving in the open, they don't mind the speed or the traffic, they are just having fun and minding their own business, while having a great time. They are chasing tails on the motorcycle like they are in the circus. It is very pleasing to watch!

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