Mom And Her Pups Were Rescued From The Freezing Temperatures In St. Louis

Published December 15, 2017 13,963 Views

Even though dogs are not asking for help it doesn’t mean that they don’t need it.

It was the first bitter cold day in St. Louis. A woman named Donna was tracking a mama dog full of milk in North City that was spotted on a block of abandoned houses.

"I thought that she may be with her puppies on this freezing morning, so we pulled up in the alley behind the abandoned houses where she had last been spotted. The first house had broken boards covering the missing back wall, and it was a perfect spot for a mom to go in to keep her puppies safe. All the windows on the second floor were also missing, so we could actually see piles of trash inside." says Donna.

They hadn’t even made their way in before they heard a dog barking. They climbed through the holes in the boards to get inside. To say that this house was disgusting would be a gross understatement. There was trash, broken boards, blackened peeling paint, rusty nails, and a strong, foul smell that made the rescuers stop breathing.

The scared mom was shivering from the freezing breeze. Donna threw her some food to gain her confidence and it worked. Once she was safe in the jeep, they went back for her puppies. Hearing the puppies’ winning made it easy to find them in the garbage. A litter of small and completely helpless baby dogs were looking for their mom. The litter of seven chunky puppies were then reunited with their mom and brought to a shelter where they received the care they needed.


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