Treya's New Beginning - Stray Rescue of St.Louis

6 years ago

This is a story so hard, it will haunt you almost as much as it did the people at Stray Rescue. This pup's nightmare is over and her new life is just beginning.

This is Treya. A firefighter noticed that she was living alone and secluded under a deck and went back for her. The firefighter's girlfriend Donna is a rescuer that managed to capture the poor frightened dog and pull her out of her misery.

Treya's story is devastating at best. Left alone for five years after her owner was killed, she was chained and left to lay under the deck of a house. Close neighbors were able to provide her with warmth and food enough to keep her alive, but they couldn't get her out of the chains that held her. As she grew, the chains got tighter against her paw, so in desperation she had to chew it off.

Treya was wary of human interaction and just couldn't relax around her rescuers, so the shelter decided to introduce her to another rescued soul, Little Pinky. The moment Treya meets her new friend warmed our hearts over, watching her wag her tail.

She now is starting a new life with a foster family who will take care of most of Treya's medical needs, but if you want to donate to Treya's new beginning, please visit:

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