How To Drive A Vehicle With Broken Suspension Like A Boss

ViralVideoUK Published December 14, 2017 3,635 Plays

Rumble The wheel bearings in most vehicles will eventually go bad. They support vehicle's weight and allows the wheels to rotate with as little friction as possible. This is one of the main reasons why your wheel doesn't simply fall off when you drive. Driving with a bad wheel bearing is dangerous, but if you have no alternative, you must drive with extra care.

If you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation, make sure to maintain a slow, steady speed, and do not accelerate quickly. Bad wheel bearings cause the wheel to loosen, and driving fast with a loose wheel heightens your chance for an accident. Stay off the highway and stick to city speed limits.

If you need to change direction, turn slowly. A bad wheel bearing can make the brake rotor wobble and destroy your brakes even when you're driving straight. Turning puts even more pressure on the wheel than normal, so take turns slow and avoid sharp turns.

Footage shows the funny and awkward moment when a car with broken wheel was spotted, moving down the road. The driver seems unconcerned by the broken wheel and is smoothly driving his car, with all four signal lights on. This Daewoo vehicle may be broken, but is still drifting like crazy!

Daewoo Motors was a South Korean automotive company established in 1982, part of the Daewoo Group. It sold most of its assets in 2001 to General Motors, after running into financial trouble, becoming a subsidiary of the American company and in 2011, it was replaced by GM Korea.

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