Apparently It Isn't Safe To Drive With A Wheel Almost Gone

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Published: November 23, 2017

A blue Subaru is taking a polygon test dive. The conditions are not ideal – short distance tracks, sharp curves and most indicative – wet cement from the rainfalls. The test drive is being conducted at an improvised polygon on what seems to be an adapted parking lot.

We start. The driver takes the curve in a masterful way, compensating for the car’s side-sliding. The tire bumpers are very close by. Will the driver have the skill and instinct to evade it? Of course, we are dealing with a professional here. There comes the second bumper – piece of cake, right? Well, not actually. What the driver failed to calculate is that the rim of the vegetation area is slightly raised from the level of the street forming a sort of a grass pavement basin. The Subaru rotates, skids and hits the corner of the pavement with the back left wheel. Surprisingly, the wheel is cut to the side, like a hot knife through butter.

It is amazing and even frightening to see a heavy duty car part responsible for carrying the entire weight of the car and its passengers flip back to its side with such ease. It suddenly makes you realize how vulnerable we all are operating vehicles, and especially taking them so lightly.

However, our driver is not relenting. He continues to drive as if nothing has happened, to the amazement of the test crew.

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      Tanzer26 · 40 weeks ago

      That does NOT make me want to own a Subaru. Damage a tire, bend a rim, blowout, that wouldn't shock. But an axle should be stronger than this.