Five Beagle Puppies Lick Glass Clean From Yogurt Stains

ViralVideoUKPublished: December 14, 2017673 views
Published: December 14, 2017

A video has emerged of five adorable Beagle puppies licking yogurt out of a glass. The pups are standing in the yard and enjoying their afternoon meal. Watch how thoroughly they try to lick the glass clean and get their tummies full. Adorable!

This cuteness overload video was filmed on June 2016 in Saint Petersburg, Russia featuring five Beagle puppies licking yogurt out of a glass. The adorable puppies are beating themselves up to get to the yogurt first and lick their way out of it. Hilarious!

If you are surprised that these dogs like the taste of sour yogurt, know that there are many reasons to give your dog yogurt. Not only is yogurt a source of calcium and zinc, it may boost immunity. However, the biggest advantage to giving your dog yogurt is to help with his digestion. If your dog has gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, infections, inflamed bowel, bacterial overgrowth or other absorption issues, yogurt may both help and prevent these issues. Additionally, yogurt is inexpensive and a good source of protein.

Start giving your dog yogurt as soon as you notice digestive issues. It’s easy to mix yogurt into his food or let him lick off a spoon. Since nonfat plain yogurt is low in calories, you don’t need to worry about your dog gaining weight. You can give your dog a spoonful daily as a measure of prevention or wait until there is a digestive issue. You might use frozen yogurt as an occasional warm-weather treat. Also, give your dog yogurt if he is on antibiotics. As antibiotics can disrupt the gastrointestinal tract, yogurt can help keep the balance while he is taking them.

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