Dozen Beagle Puppies Start Pouring Out Of The Trunk

ViralHogPublished: December 1, 2017640 plays$1.91 earned
Published: December 1, 2017

A video has emerged of what it seems to be just another casual weekend for this two best friends. Apparently, their days are filled with tons of adventure as they take their puppies to the local dog park where they can enjoy the off-leash policy. Talk about cuteness overload!

These adorable puppies enjoy traveling in the car so getting them inside the truck is never an issue. Owners only need to open the trunk and puppies know the drill. They immediately hop inside the trunk and get ready for a bumpy ride. However, coming home is a little bit more challenging because loading them back in the trunk doesn’t always come easy as they really enjoy swimming in the dams and chasing tennis balls in the park. It usually takes a few hours for the dogs to get tired and ready to go home.

This video was filmed on November 26, 2017 in South Africa and features a woman opening the trunk to an entire litter of Beagle puppies. This comes as a big surprise, as nobody would have anticipated a dozen of puppies to rush out of the trunk. Watch and be delighted by this sweet bundle of joy when puppies start pouring out of the vehicle. My heart is racing and my eyes are filled with tears of joy! Who would ask for anything more?

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