Lucky Guy Gets A Warm Welcome Home By His Pet Cougar

Published December 13, 2017 29,626 Plays $77.52 earned

Rumble People say that they would much rather trust a dog than a person, because a dog would never lie about its character. Those same people have been known to say that you should also never trust a person who keeps a cat as a house pet. Why? Because they can be the most conniving, manipulative, hypocritical beings on the planet, and they get it all from their loving pets!

But come on, how can you not love a cat? They don’t slobber, they clean after themselves, they have their own toilet right there in the living room and they love to cuddle! Now imagine all of that, but in the size of a regular human male!

One small family in Russia seems to love cats so much, that could not satisfy their need with just any old calico cat, no sirree! A Maine Coon would not do either; no, they had to go for the biggest, baddest cat available that far north on the Asian continent - a mountain lion!

As soon as the big kitty hears the door open, he comes running to greet his friends with something that might be classified as a barking meow. Despite his size, this kitten behaves like like your run-of-the-mill Mr. Whiskers - he rubs himself on his owners legs as a sign of a warm welcome, turns his butt towards him and twists the tip of his tail into a question mark shape, a sign that he considers this two-legged member of the pride as one of his own.

How people in Russia get to have cougars as pets we have no idea, but it's pretty cool to see how this one greets his human. Now, do we want one? Absolutely not!


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    That's one beautiful "Kittie", Looks like he loves his "Daddy", too! lol. I would bet money you don't have any problems with 'burglars' either. He looks well fed and well tempered with you and of course, bonded. Thank's for sharing/showing this to us.

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    • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

      I would really enjoy seeing more videos of your 'kittie' interacting with you. He's a very good looking feline. Thank you again.

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