ModaWee Diaper Bag Review

Published December 10, 2017 1 Views

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We've used a lot of different types of diaper bags - backpacks, messenger bags, duffle bags - and after a while you start to learn what you prefer and what you don't. I'm really impressed with the space this bag offers, even if there are some annoyances about it. I love the construction - seems built well, water-resistant, and a TON of pockets. I wish there was the ability to turn this in to a messenger bag instead of just a backpack, but that's a minor complaint. The stroller straps are interesting - never seen those before - but I could see them coming in handy. The biggest head-scratcher about this bag is the inclusion of a snap-to-close handle in an otherwise pretty excellent design. The front pocket seals with a magnet - awesome - but you have to undo two snaps then unzip to reach things inside the bag? Seems like an unnecessary step. I wish the handle had magnets in it as well, but again - minor complaint when you see just how much you can fit in this bag.

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