Check Out The Next Step In LeBron's Career

TheFumble Published December 7, 2017 254 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeLeBron James all but singes on the dotted line for his last contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

There has been so much speculation as to where LeBron James is headed next season. He will be a free agent and most people think he will finally be jumping ship. The Calvs faced a bit off a rocky start at the beginning of this season but gradually managed to straighten their act, winning 13 straight games and they are now holding the second place in the Eastern Conference.

If the Calfs manage pull off an NBA championship this season, do you think that LeBron James will stay in Cleveland?

Ring or not, we can pretty much conclude that LeBron James will be exiting his town once the season is over. The next stop on his road will be Los Angeles with the Lakers. LeBorn James just dropped a wapping $23 million on a Brentwood mansion. This is quite a lot of money guys. If you are not familiar with this area, Brentwood is in L.A. The home is 15,843 feet square with eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. This is not the first time LeBron has bought a home in Brentwood, Two years ago he bought a home for $21 million that was vandalized earlier this year. The new home is considerably larger than the home he previously purchased and it looks like LeBron wants to make this house a home.

His family already spends his off season in Los Angeles, so accompany that with his last purchase and the fact that Savana and LeBron have been looking at schools in L.A during the off season, we believe he has all but signed the contract wit Los Angeles Lakers who have all the capital in the world to pay him the big buck.

Does this secure your opinion about LeBron leaving Cleveland and heading to L.A.? Do tell us in the comment section.