Dude Pulls Off Epic Invisible Box Challenge

Published December 6, 2017 12,440 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeThe internet is the place where lots of tricks and challenges go viral. Although this seems entirely pointless to some people, however it attracts lots of interest and as it seems, it also attracts tons of followers on the Internet.

Teenagers seem to be the “ challenge factory, as they come up with silly challenges on a regular basis. The latest viral challenge involves an invisible box, and it requires a certain amount of skills. If you have two feet and a fair amount of coordination, then you may try joining this army of invisible box performers.

Much like planking and other viral challenges, there's no real point to it other than having fun, and it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. The main point of this challenge that teenagers have invented is to create an invisible box about a foot or two off the ground by hovering one of your feet in the air, tap it with the other foot, and film yourself stepping over it. In other words, playing the role of a magician and creating the illusion that there is actually a box and you are stepping over. At first glimpse it seems deceptively simple, but if you try to do it, that is when you realize that it is actually really hard. Unless you are super fit and strong and have developed hip flexors to be able to hold your leg in position.

So, if you lack hand-eye coordination, leg strength, and what ever else that is required for a successful performance of this move, and you decide to have a go at it, then good luck to yah! It sounds super simple until you actually attempt it yourself.

Watch this guy, maybe you will succeed in copying some of his moves!