Deer Decides To Go Shopping At The Local Supermarket

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Published: December 5, 2017

It is not an usual thing to run into a wild animal at the local supermarket. On December 3, an unexpected shopper stopped by at Aldi grocery store in Chippewa, Pennsylvania, USA. Why would they forage for food when the grocery store is so close to the woods? A doe has decided she was low on supplies, so she sent her husband to the local store to buy some.

Yes, that is correct. A deer grabbed his wallet and went to the local supermarket to buy some food. He had some help getting in through the automatic doors, then he passed the check-out line and made his way into the back.

Apparently he could not make up his mind, so he first went to the milk and cheese isles, but then an older man crossed his way so he thought to himself, let's try to find something else from my list.

Not being able to find what his wife told him to buy, he decided to get out of there. He has had enough of that exhausting shopping.

Shoppers said the deer did not fear the people present there and calmly made his way out of the store. But he confuses the front door of the supermarket and instead of finding his way out, he bumps into the emergency door.

People tried to help the deer and give it directions, so it eventually left the store leaving everybody unharmed.

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