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Heroic Firefighters Save Dog After Falling Into Icy River

A dog got itself into serious trouble when it ran onto thin ice while walking on a frozen creek in Canada and fell through the icy waters. The owner reportedly let the dog off the leash while on a walk when the dog ventured onto the frozen creek. The thin ice quickly cracked causing the pooch to fall into the icy waters. The concerned owner immediately informed the fire department, and their team rushed to the spot and lent a helping hand.

This footage was posted by the chief of the Swift Current Fire Department in Saskatchewan, shows the dramatic rescue mission set to save the dog from drowning. We can see one brave firefighter sliding on the frozen creek towards the dog while being tethered to a rope in case the ice breaks.

This firefighter risked his life to save the dog and is a true hero, together with the team that was helping him in the mission. As the man reaches the dog, the thin ice breaks under his weight, but the firefighter grabs the dog and manages to balance. Next, the other firefighters pull the rope, slowly bringing the man and the dog to shore. Crew members on ground can be heard cheering and keeping the morale high with chants of "come on".

Eventually, both of them are rescued back to safety. Fortunately, the dog didn’t suffer any severe injuries despite being drenched and visibly weak. The pooch is soon reunited with its humans and given a big hug and a warm blanket.

We are so happy to see people who are real heroes, people who would risk their lives to save a dog and give them the life they deserve! These are the people who deserve awards, statues people who will show the world what the word ‘hero’ means.

Because of that, animals know how to be grateful and will do anything for us. If a person is in danger, they will do anything to save their lives. Take a look at this dog that practices saving the owner from drowning and be amazed by the goodness dogs carry in their hearts!

This dog is a true hero! He thinks that his owner is drowning in the lake, and he instantly jumps in the water to save her life! He drags her body and pulls her out! Simply amazing! These people have been training their dog Nya to rescue dogs and people who might be drowning in the water. Check out Nya's training in this clip as she heroically saves a person!

Credit to 'Denis Pilon/Swift Current Fire Department'.

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