Artist Creates A Mind-Blowing String Art Portrait

Published November 30, 2017 131,483 Views

Rumble / Unusual TalentsString art is a form of decorative and applied art that brinks on a graphic technique and stands for obtaining a picture using threads on any solid foundation (most often on cardboard).

The origins of string art are believed to be located in XVII century England. The English are believed to have been the first to invent the original manner of knitting threads. They stretched yarn in a certain sequence to nails pierced with pearls and received refined pieces of art which were used for home decoration. Over time, this technique was perfected and successively extended to using dense paper and cardboard, in which the holes were pre-made.

The practice of string art promotes aesthetic and meditative benefits: the long hours of work and the focus necessary to retain the pattern are believed to broaden the author’s horizon and refine the artist’s aesthetic taste, and what is most important, it teaches the artist to observe. Dexterity and accuracy are crucial for success in this technique, but all this can be acquired during the production process.

As shown in the time-lapse video, the entire process begins with drawing a sketch of the future string art piece right on the surface on which nails will be hammered down. This sketch is going to be used both for positioning of the nails and as an orientation map for the direction the string is going to be placed. It entails a constructive structure and elaborate implementation methods analyzed.

With the help of this technique, you can create magnificent large decorative panels, landscapes and even still life portraits, like this unbelievable string art portrait of Caesar from the film “War for the Planet of the Apes”.

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