Don’t Check The Teeth Of A Gifted Horse They Say

ViralHogPublished: November 27, 2017309 plays$0.88 earned
Published: November 27, 2017

A video has emerged of the happiest horse alive enjoying being pet on the nose. They say “don’t look a gifted horse in the mouth’ but this smiling horse makes that difficult to realize. Footage shows one well-tamed horse showing them teeth on camera when being pet on the nose. Try not to smile when watching this adorable video of a person petting a horse on the nose and receiving the most genuine smile in return.

The cute horse is constantly grinning and flaunting them teeth in front of the camera. Every time the person reaches out to pet the horse, this adorable creature puts on a smile and tries to lick person’s hand! How adorable!

Watch as this happy horse smiles and poses for the camera and cannot stop smiling. We wonder whether this horse is a natural positive creature or his smile is triggered by the stimuli created by the human touch. Apparently, this horse loves being pet by the nose, and cannot get enough of the human touch. Amazing!

This tamed horse is so happy to be around the human, and knows how to show gratitude and affection for the love he receives. He raises his upper lip and grins with his perfectly straight teeth. Is this horse gifted because he cannot stop showing his teeth on purpose! Hilarious!

We would love having such positive animal for a pet, and we would pet him all the time just to see them grinning teeth! Surprisingly, animals could smile as well, you just need to find their trigger and bring a smile on their face!

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