Energetic Horse Plays With Dogs In A Field

Published October 26, 2016 17,542 Plays $39.77 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThere are some days when you feel like nothing can bring you down. Your happiness levels are skyrocketing and it seems like it could never end. You see the blue sky and the sun’s rays shining upon your face and you just want to bask in all of it and never stop. But happiness isn’t a place, happiness is a feeling only you can create with your own decisions, so decide to be happy today. We sure know that this horse has chosen that path.

Felipe the horse is in an extremely good mood as he runs and plays with a pair of dogs and his owner out in the field. This will definitely put a smile on your face! The elegant beast is feeling quite at home in this large grassy patch of land with his favorite two canine buddies and the snacks that his trainer is feeding him.

Felipe can’t stop running after the doggos and chasing them around the field. He trots behind them, keeping the pace so that they can play and the dogs seem to be very entertained. They can’t believe their luck to have such a gigantic animal playing with them. Every once in a while, Felipe would tire from the running and search for his trainer for a bit of love and comfort. She is very happy to give it to him, brushing through his mane and patting his neck. You can just see that they have a special bond. Best day ever!

Our heroes today are two very unusual friends - a horse and a dog, and it seems like they can't get enough of their game. As the video opens, we see the horse running around like crazy, trying to get involved the dog in his game. He’s really enjoying this! But our doggy here is also a true adventurer, as he's constantly teasing his friend and making him run even faster.

Dogs are known to be real enthusiasts when it comes to outdoor activities. There are thousands of moments captured on camera as they joyously howl and jump around in their backyards or just running around with their owners and having a blast! Many dog owners around the world will agree with us on this.

Horses are amazing and the following video only proves this. It shows a horse making ice cream inside a thrift store. While walking around the Rise ‘N Shine Marketplace, Indiana, food blogger Marshall King found out the amount of power needed to churn soft scoop is one horsepower. The marketplace, opened by Orvin Bontrager in the heart of a large Amish community, uses traditional practices for transportation and food production. The 2000lb Belgian draft horse named Bob, walks purposefully on a treadmill producing the motion for the ice cream churned next to him. Orvin said: “It is a shame that using the horse and treadmill is no longer a big part of the Amish way of life. “We always make sure our animals are happy and healthy.”

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