What Makes Trilogy Of Terror II An Underrated Horror Gem?

2 months ago

I've been immersed in TV lately, as you'll soon see in an upcoming adaptation video and my recent watches. The 2023 season of Creepshow is a blast, and the blend of Mike Flannigan's Succession with a Giallo twist in Fall of the House of Usher is a standout for me this year. It brings back memories of the '90s TV horror resurgence, reminiscent of the golden age (though I reserve that title for the '70s). The '90s offered a plethora, from Stephen King adaptations to timeless shows like Tales From The Crypt and The X-Files. TV horror owes a lot to Dan Curtis, and while his 1975 Trilogy of Terror is iconic, its sequel, 21 years later, stands as a true Black Sheep in the realm of TV terror.

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