“Endure to the End" - An interview with Warner Mendenhall, Brook Jackson and Dr. Melissa McCann

3 months ago

An interview with Brook Jackson, Warner Mendenhall and Dr Melissa McCann to discuss the status of the Brook Jackson v Pfizer case and the Australian Class Action for the vaccine injured and bereaved.

Warner Mendenhall is a lawyer of 25 years and the Principal of the Mendenhall Law Group, in Ohio, USA. He has a lot of experience representing whistle blowers in the past and is part of the legal team representing Brook Jackson in the current case against Pfizer, regarding fraud in the Covid-19 clinical trial.

Brook Jackson was employed by Ventavia as a Regional Director on the Phase 3 trial of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, supervising two of Ventavia's three clinical trial sites.

Brook filed a false claims act lawsuit on January 8, 2021. Brook is the relator and the defendants are Ventavia, Icon and Pfizer.

Dr Melissa McCann comes from a pharmaceutical background and is a registered medical practitioner. She is a practice owner in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. Dr McCann is bringing a class action against the TGA, John Skerritt, and the key federal Australian government officials involved in the rollout and monitoring of the covid vaccines, and the commonwealth of Australia, regarding the deaths and injuries from the novel Covid-19 vaccines.

The class action consists of at least 1000 members.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

- When we last interviewed Warner, Brook and Robert Barnes, in mid March of 2023, they had just taken part in the motion to dismiss hearing in Texas. Judge Truncale decided to grant the motion to dismiss on the 31/3/23, after our interview. But this case is still very much alive. Warner tells us that the Judge has now overturned the motion to dismiss, and importantly allowed Brook and her lawyers to amend their claim. They are amending the complaint to add “fraud in the inducement of the emergency use authorisation at the FDA”.

- We discuss how this buys time for Brook’s team, and every day that goes by, it becomes clearer the damage these shots are doing to the public. The courts are not independent of public perception.

- We discuss the subject of the 170 endpoints in the Pfizer trial. Pfizer had
44 000 trial participants, and yet the efficacy calculation was only based on 170 endpoints. That’s 170 people with a positive PCR and one symptom. This is included in Brook’s claim. Brook tells us that once her 2 trial sites’ data is removed and the trial site of Augusto Roux in Argentina, then the 170 becomes a much smaller number, and Pfizer’s approval is not granted.

- Fraud in the inducement - the important point here is that Pfizer knew the data was fraudulent and obtained the Emergency Use Authorisation knowing it was based on fraudulent data.

- The Department of Justice requested a meeting with Brook and her team, and that was mid November, 2023. We discussed what happened and why did they want a meeting now, nearly 3 years after Brook first filed her lawsuit? It turns out that the lawyers from DOJ had no idea about the vaccine injured, and appeared to know very little regarding Pfizer’s phase 3 trial. There is a real disconnect between these DOJ attorneys, and federal bureaucrats in general and the reality of what is happening to the vaccine injured. This was just a ticking of boxes exercise by the DOJ.

- We discuss the next steps in Brook’s case. Filing the amended claim, which will be December 1, then Pfizer’s response. If Judge Truncale approves, the case will go to discovery phase.
- Brook tells us that her team may need $20 million for the Discovery phase. And Warner tells us that Pfizer will drag this process out as much as they can, with their huge team of lawyers.

- Warner explains the unblinding that occurred in Pfizer’s trial. The unblinding was discovered by Brook at her 2 sites, and the Discovery phase will allow her team to examine all the data at the other trial sites. But the overall picture, shows that there was unblinding in totality. The unblinding led to bias.

- Dr Melissa McCann gives us an overview of her case. It was filed back in April, 2023, in the NSW division of the Federal court. It now has around 1000 members, vaccine injured and bereaved.

- We interviewed Dr McCann in April of this year, and you can find the interview in the references below, for a more indepth discussion of the action.

- Dr McCann’s class action is not funded by the class action members. It is funded by donations. Viewers can best support Dr McCann’s class action by donating. If the case is successful, all proceeds will go to the litigants (class action members).
See the crowdfunding page in the reference section below.
- Dr McCann tells us about the old TGA guideline, still in place whereby the TGA must refer all serious adverse events to VSIG. She has evidence that there were no referrals to VSIG in certain covid-19 vaccine serious adverse event cases.

- Dr McCann tells us it has been foreshadowed that one of or all of the following 3 things could happen in her case, in the period between December 8 and February 2024. The government lawyers could ask for;

1. a summary dismissal, or a summary judgement.

2. some or all of the pleading struck out

3. ask for a cost security.

- Warner tells us there are now 238 attorneys in the Freedom Counsel, and they are filing 2 to 3 cases a week in the USA, that are Covid related. Eco Health alliance cases, employment cases (people who lost their jobs), informed consent cases, hospital death cases, vaccine injury cases. We are contemplating filing group medical malpractice cases against the hospitals.

- Warner tells us that US hospitals are mandatory reporters, by law, of vaccine injury. Just like a hospital is a mandatory reporter if a child comes to a hospital and they have been abused. If the hospitals have not reported the vaccine adverse event, then they have committed a crime. The injured can file a lawsuit against the hospital. The hospitals signed a vaccine program participation agreement, they must report.

- Pfizers stock price is 25% less then 5 years ago. But Pfizer has made billions from the vaccine and Paxlovid. It has been falling steeply since Nov 2022.

Will there be security class action by Pfizer investors?

The Brook Jackson v (Pfizer, Ventavia and Icon) References:

- Refuge of Sinners interview with Brook and Warner, August 2022.

- Refuge of Sinners interview with Brook, Warner and Robert Barnes, March 2023.


- The link to the Freedom Counsel discussed in this interview, which was setup after the Covid Litigation conference, back in March 2023.

- Find an attorney, at Health Freedom Counsel.
- Brook Jackson on X (twitter)


The Australian Class Action References:

- For Donations to the Australian Class Action brought by Dr Melissa McCann.
The fundraiser for legal expenses for class action claims, for injuries resulting from COVID19 vaccines


- The class action filing can be seen here; https://www.covidvaxclassaction.com.au/

- For a 27 minute overview of the case by Dr McCann, you can go to her rumble channel, and the overview is here;

- Refuge of Sinners interview with Dr Melissa McCann, April 2023.

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