Kids Find Out They're Having Another Sibling, Their Reaction Is Adorable

TrinaHodgesPublished: November 20, 2017Updated: November 21, 20171,617,872 views
Published: November 20, 2017Updated: November 21, 2017

Pregnancy announcements are a big thing nowadays. What was once a private thing, something to be announced to the unsuspecting grandparents, suddenly turned into a huge social event that turned into a massive bash! People would gather their loved ones from all over just to tell them they will be expecting a new family member in a few short months.

Those big announcements are finally a thing of the past, as expecting parents decided that these things are best kept within the closest family circles. If it’s a first baby, they will announce it to the grandparents. But if it’s baby number 3, like it was for Trina Hodges and her husband, then they announce it to the unsuspecting older siblings!

Lewis and Reece are about to receive some big news... They're going to be big brothers! Mom hands them pieces of paper that say “Older Brother" while the boys pose for dad’s camera, then asks them to read what the papers say out loud. Lewis was quicker to figure out what this means, but with all that excitement, he mixed up the genders a little bit!

Instead of saying “I want to have a sister", the kid says “I want to be a sister"! Poor kid, he is so eager for another sibling!

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