Kid Finds Out He Is Going To Be A Big Brother

Published February 15, 2017 1,205,670 Views

A loving couple have officially decided to adopt FIVE children out of foster care and now they're about to drop the big news on their son Rylee. His heartwarming response will bring a tear to your eye!

But Rylee’s mom and dad couldn’t just wait for him to come home from school to tell him; they decided to go to his school, call him up in the principle’s office and tell him there! When he finally comes to the door, he just stands outside, thinking he did something wrong. He tells his parents that he wasn’t at boot camp, because there was no dodge ball that day.

He thinks that they might be going some place, but then dad asks him what he thinks about having some brothers and sisters. Of course Rylee wants to have some siblings in his life! So when dad tells him that he is getting four brothers and a sister, followed by mom’s confirmation that the adoption agency approved the quintuplets for their adoption, Rylee tears up with joy!

Imagine that! Five instant playmates to have loads of fun with. Talk about a fast growing family. Rylee was so stoked, that he pulled himself together and exclaimed “I gotta go tell my classmates”! That is so awesome, he’s going to be one awesome big brother!

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