Driver Cuts Off Cop Twice, Immediately Gets Pulled Over

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Published: November 19, 2017Updated: November 21, 2017

Traffic rules are for everybody and they are there for a reason. Safety in traffic is highly important and the rules make sure that both you and everyone around you is protected in case of something happening that might endanger your right to be safe. However, there are drivers out there, using the same roads that you do, but do not comply to those rules that are supposed to keep us alive.

That is where law enforcement steps in.

A driver pulls out of the gas station in front of an unmarked police vehicle, cutting it off. The driver then proceeds into the left turn lane and then immediately merges right, cutting of the cop AGAIN! What happens next is what is known as instant karma. At the 00:26 mark, you can see the black SUV turning their police emergency lights on.

This is the exact reason why there are unmarked police vehicles roaming the streets, just waiting for someone to make a careless move. Usually, when punks like this one see a police cruiser, they pretend to be abide by the law until they lose sight of the cruiser. Then it is back to their careless behavior, and that is when things get nasty!

Not only did this driver behave recklessly in busy traffic, but he also forgot to use his turning signals, and right in front of the police officers! We hope he learned his lesson.

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    Daniel ยท 50 weeks ago

    As there is cases officers try and go on patrol in an unmarked cruiser when they are awaiting for those who think the rules of the road won't apply to them when they commit an offence under the HTA when they think its another motorist using the road when its already too late when the cruiser had sprouted flashing lights signaling the scofflaw to pull over as what if long before the officer got out of the cruiser to hand the scofflaw a ticket they already leveraged demerits before the scofflaw was asked for their drivers license.