Dog's Registered Owner Thought She Was Dead For Two Years

HopeForPawsPublished: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 20177,158 views
Published: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 2017

Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization. They rescue dogs, cats and other types of animals suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild. Through rescue and education, Hope For Paws works to raise awareness for abandoned animals.This was the same organization that was notified of a starving dog living in the mountains. Animal Control got alerted about this sick dog and they had tried to get her several times, but failed. Their efforts of catching the dog and placing it somewhere safe were in vain, until the skillful volunteers of Hope For Paws came to rescue.

The dog was malnourished and suffered from alopecia. Although she was nervous, she couldn’t resist the cheeseburger. One of the rescuers distracted the dog with the food while the other got the snare around her. She was startled for a second, but calmed down quickly and was happy to keep eating. She was successfully taken to safety and the two girls who rescued her decided to call her Edna. The first thing the volunteers did was to get Edna at the vet’s office. The plan was to help the dog recover completely after which they would help her find a proper home.

They thought that Edna was a stray dog until they discovered that she had a microchip during the check up. That meant nothing else but that she wasn’t a stray dog and she had an owner. It was a lucky circumstance for this dog since it could get back the deserved life she had before she was lost. The volunteers contacted the owner and she was surprised by the call telling them that she gave the dog away to another family two years ago. In one occasion she asked the family if the dog was doing well but they told her it had passed away.

The volunteers decided to offer back the dog to the first owner but she rejected it. This sounded like a bad news at first but the volunteers then realized that if she had given up the dog in the first place then she didn’t deserve to have it. Edna deserved a better owner who would love her and keep her safe at all times. Fortunately, this dog’s happiness smiled at her and she ended up with a perfect family that love her with all their hearts.

We are very thankful for organizations such as Hope for Paws that restore our faith in humanity with every rescue story they post.

In fact, showing little acts of kindness should be a daily occurrence and we should never forget that small things can provoke strong feelings. Though they may look trivial, they could mean the whole world to somebody. Let’s not forget to do something as simple and kind as this every day since it is a recipe for a cheerful and fruitful life. There is nothing more elevating than making someone happy. After all, it’s inspiring!

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