Rescue Dogs Are Very Excited To Go Outside And Run In Their New Pen

7 years ago

Nothing makes a dog happier than giving it an opportunity to run freely around outside! Lucky for these dogs, that’s exactly what their owner does. A 4-acre play pen allows them to run around as much as they want without them getting lost, so awesome! This is the first time they've gotten to try out this neat play enclosure and lucky for us, we get to see them react to it. This is probably one of their most exciting days, it doesn't get much better than this. They won't be coming back anytime soon, they'll definitely be enjoying the nice fresh air for the rest of the day!

The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! So what is it that dogs are doing which makes us laugh? Here is one hilarious video of rescue dogs who think they can run as fast as Flash! It made us laugh so much we hope it will make you laugh too!

The owner of the British Columbia, Canada, sanctuary said: "We live with 45 dogs and a Grey Wolf. A new 4-acre play enclosure had just been built for them and the video shows them first being let loose to play in it." Hopefully their owner has a way of getting them to come back inside, it might be tricky now! It looks like these 45 dogs and Grey Wolf love to explore and try out new things. It's always great when you are adventurous and love to experience new things everyday, so fun! Oh my, these guys are fast and energetic and the running thing is pretty useful for them so that they can let some of their energy out and get some exercise without getting into a dangerous place. Looking at this dog we did become curious about what other super fast dog breeds are out there in the world. Obviously, you have your Greyhounds that were bred for racing, but what other breeds are considered fast? By the way, a Greyhound (a somewhat naturally lazy dog that also loves sprinting) can run at speeds of up to 45 mph.

The rescue and rehabilitation facilities focus on animals who are chained, penned, or tethered outside in the elements day in and day out. More often than not, these animals come to them unhealthy, not socialized and traumatized. They are usually terrified and withdrawn, being that they have never experienced positive interactions with humans or other animals due to their isolated environments. It is their mission to teach them how to live, not just exist. Their favorite moments are when they take freedom run. Sometimes they are unsure of what to do with so much space, but other times they take advantage of the opportunity to be free of inhibitions for the first time in their lives and they release the pent up zoomies.

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