Spotted Eagle Rays Are Not The Deadly Creatures They're Believed To Be

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Published: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 2017

The Spotted Eagle Ray is one of the most terrifying and misunderstood creatures in the ocean. Their long tails are equipped with venomous barbs, or stingers, that can inflict a savage wound and deliver a powerful toxin. Their fearsome appearance and undeserved reputation as killers of the deep have led people to believe that they are aggressive and dangerous to people. The truth is that they are reclusive and shy, fleeing from people in most cases. They are among the most gentle creatures in the ocean.

The barbs in a stingrays tail are designed completely for defense from predators such as sharks. They play no role in the animal's method of hunting food. The barbs are used only to prevent an attack from above, which is exactly how a shark preys on the Spotted Eagle Ray. The Eagle Ray is the preferred food of many sharks, including Hammerhead Sharks.

<a href="" target="_blank">Stingrays</a> hunt for food buried in the sand by using sensitive receptors under their bodies and wings to detect minute electrical impulses of small creatures hidden beneath. Once they locate a clam or other mollusk, the rays beat their wings on the sand to uncover them. The Spotted Eagle Ray has a specially designed snout which it uses to dig in the sand for the buried food. Occasionally, Spotted Eagle Rays will also feed on octopus and small fish.

Recognizable by their beautiful black and white markings, Spotted Eagle Rays are breathtaking. Their majestic and graceful movements make them a spectacular sight. Scuba divers know that these rays are harmless unless provoked or startled and with a slow and careful approach they might be allowed a close look at these incredible creatures. To have an <a href="" target="_blank">Eagle Ray</a> approach or swim beside a diver is an unforgettable experience.

Any wild animal should be treated with respect and caution but it is important to understand that these rays are not the savage beasts that they have been thought to be.

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