Feeding Time For Anxious Eagle Rays Can't Get More Adorable

rumblestaffPublished: September 29, 2017251 views
Published: September 29, 2017

There are lots of marine species that we don’t know about. Marine wildlife is as alien-like to us as possible. That’s because we are used to watching furry animals and birds in the environment we are living in. We rarely find ourselves in the water because we can not survive without breathing equipment since it is not our regular habitat.

This is precisely why we were starstruck when we first saw these adorable Eagle Rays. Their smooth bodies and rhomboid shapes make them look like plush toys and their tiny mouths appear to always be smiling. We tend to see them from up above when we take snorkeling classes so we don’t see their entire beauty. Their snouts remind us of the platypus and the white underside and the smiley faces make them appear friendlier than they truly are and we just can’t get enough of them.

This video was shot in the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The Eagle Rays seem to be very happy that it is feeding time. They jump above the water to catch the pieces of food the zookeepers are giving them. They don’t even notice that their food habits are the source of attraction for the zoo visitors. These cuties truly can’t get more adorable than this.

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