Baby Thinks The Word 'Donkey' Is Hilarious

Published November 10, 2017 1,140 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsLaughing is contagious and sometimes so infective, we can barely breathe! Sometimes it is something so mundane and simple that will set us off and there is nothing we can do, other than hold onto your belly and wait for it to pass, while hoping not to get the hiccups.

In the world of good laughs, it has been said that the sound of the letter K is the one that really sets things in motion. Words like “cucumber" have the magical properties to pop a good <a href="" target="_blank">belly laugh</a> out of anyone, but this tiny baby boy has a very different trigger.

While watching his son Nathan sit in mommy’s lap, a dad had the ultimate discovery about the world of babies. The word ‘donkey’ cracks them the heck up! They might have had a hysterical fit off camera immediately before this clip was taken, because as soon as dad called Nathan’s name, the baby started laughing. But when dad says ‘<a href="" target="_blank">donkey</a>’, the kid cracked a smile so wide, he could swallow us whole before we noticed, because he is so darn cute!

Maybe it’s the K in “donkey" that does the trick, or just looking at the silly looking animal. We think that the whole word is worthy of peeing in your nappy. Whatever it is, we can’t catch a breath of it either!

Credit: malcmcg1